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David Beckham Tattoos

Fans of world football do not need to explain who David Beckham is, as well as readers of the secular chronicle. The famous titled footballer, model, husband of ex-peppercorn Victoria “Posh” Adams does not leave the covers of glossy magazines due to his sports talent and charismatic appearance. It’s hard to believe, but this self-confident young man will soon change his fifth decade.

David Beckham was born in the English town of Leightstone on May 2, 1975. The future “star” of world football, nicknamed “Becks,” made a name for himself as a midfielder at Manchester United and as captain of the England national football team. Thanks to successful long shots (how to forget an impressive midfield goal against the Wimbledon team in 1996) in 2003, the footballer signed a contract with one of the most prestigious football clubs Real Madrid for 35 million euros. In 2007, the footballer moved to the United States to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Fig 1

In family life, the football player also worked out perfectly. In 1999, the British media and tabloids even did that they fought for the right to publish wedding photos of David and his beautiful wife, the popular singer from the Spice Girls Victoria Adams. Despite numerous attempts by the “yellow” press to convict spouses of infidelity, David and Victoria have been happily married for 15 years, the proof of which is the birth of three sons – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, as well as Harper’s daughter.
Tattoos as a “mirror” of personal life and career achievements
Numerous David Beckham tattoos (33 tattoos, according to the football player himself, if you count all the inscriptions and small drawings separately) do not have any deep implication and are not intricate abstract drawings. In most cases, a football player decorated his body with tattoos, marking a new stage in his personal life and professional career.

David’s very first tattoo was the name of his firstborn, Brooklyn, tattooed on the lower back with a Gothic font in April 1999.

Pic 2

In 2000, a guardian angel appeared on his back, higher than the first tattoo, which, according to the football player, now always “looks after” his son. A little later, the angel will “acquire” large wings.

Pic 3

In the same 2000, Beckham paid tribute and respect to his wife – on his left forearm appeared a tattoo named “Victoria” in Hindi.

Fig 4

In honor of the birth of his second son, Romeo, in 2002 Beckham again “stuffed” his name on his back, over the guardian angel. The same Gothic font is used as for creating a tattoo with the name of Brooklyn’s first son.

Fig 5

In 2002, another tattoo with the Roman numeral “7” adorned David’s right forearm. Under this number, the footballer played in his first Manchester United team, as well as in the England national team.

Fig 6

The Latin phrase “Perfectio In Spiritu” appeared in the right hand a little later (in the trans. “Spiritual perfection”).

Fig 7

And “Ut Amem Et Foveam” (in the lane “I Love and Cherish”) decorated her left hand.

Fig 8

In 2003, the back of David’s neck was ennobled by a Gothic cross, with wings.

Fig 9

After accusing him of treason a year later, David expressed his gratitude to his wife by tattooing the angel with the Latin phrase “In the Face of Adversity” on his right shoulder. Thus, he showed all the envious and gossip that he was confident in himself and his family.

Fig 10

In 2005, traditionally in honor of the birth of the third son, a Gothic tattoo with the name “Cruz” appeared on the back (under the legs of an angel).

Fig 11

In 2006, the footballer and his wife played a second wedding. This was a secret ceremony in honor of which the Roman numerals VIII.V.MMVI appeared on the right wrist (the date of the second marriage of the Beckham couple is May 8, 2006).

The symbolic Latin phrase “De Integro” (in the lane “Again first”) appeared a little lower. An identical tattoo was made by Victoria.

Fig 12

Cherubs designating his sons appeared on his right hand in 2006. An inscription appeared in Hebrew next to the cherubim: “My son, do not forget my teaching, and keep my decrees deep in my heart.”

Fig 13

Again, in honor of Victoria’s wife, a 6-inch tattoo appeared on her left hand, where the girl is in the image of the French actress Bridget Bardot. This tattoo will become the basis of the “sleeve” in the future, which will be complemented by several more tattoos.
Also on the same hand appears the Hebrew inscription “I belong to my beloved, and my beloved belongs to me”, or rather its part, since this is a paired tattoo, the second part of which flaunts in the same place on Victoria’s hand.

Fig 14

A little later, the football player’s right hand was decorated with the inscription in English “Let Them Hate as Long as They Fear” (in the lane “Let them Hate While They Are Afraid”). This phrase belongs to the Roman emperor Tiberius, and Caligula often used it in his speeches.

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