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Are tattoos female or male? The question is not simple, and it will be difficult to find an expert who will unequivocally answer this question. At a time when a wearable image replaced a passport, a birth certificate and a personal file, of course, individual marks on the skin had a pronounced gender sign. Nowadays, when the tribal lifestyle was preserved only in some parts of the earth, and most people are provided with all the benefits of civilization, the traditional tribal tattoo is no longer so popular. And what tattoos are popular among girls today – now we will discuss.

If you go to any party where people with tattoos gather, at first it will be difficult to distinguish between male and female subjects. Many tattoos look equally relevant on the bodies of both sexes. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to guess, there are also popular tattoo designs for girls. And now I will try to list some of them.

Firstly, these are various inscriptions, especially on the wrists. Most of the fair sex are amorous and romantic natures, for which we value them. Images with names are especially highlighted.

For girls, typing the name of a loved one on your wrist is a risky, but insanely romantic gesture, and in the photo you will find examples of such works.

In fact, the most common tattoo labels for girls are the names of the children. Today, so many women seek to capture the birth of a baby with a tattoo. The most common option is the inscription in italics, connected by various curlicues and monograms with the date or image of the clock. By the way, we made a separate article about tattoos in honor of children. Take a peek! And if you are thinking about the inscription – use our font picker.

Continuing the theme of inscriptions, in addition to the wrists, you can consider the area of ​​the ribs, under the chest from the inside of the ankle and the inside of the shoulder.

Secondly, women are much more likely to prefer various color paintings. The most striking example is the image of flowers. In our subjective view, men more often than women prefer black and white tattoos (for example, ornaments) due to physiological characteristics, as well as due to stylistic advantages. Black and white tattoos are better suited to dark skin, are better combined with a beard and dark hair, etc.

Girls often have colored elements in appearance: different hair colors, cosmetics, bright clothes, and the like. Here is a short list of interesting female tattoo plots:
Diamond Bow
Ladybug Tattoos1

Peacock Heart
Wrist Tattoo
Fairy Tattoo
Dreamcatcher-Feather Tattoo
A bracelet
dream Catcher
Thirdly, it is worth saying about the places of tattoos for girls. There are some parts of the body that men almost do not clog, but for women, on the contrary, they are loved. Such a place, for example, are the hips. Tattoos on girls’ hips are a favorite place. In addition to the hips, you can highlight the ankle, side of the foot and a place behind the ear.
Summing up, each gender has its own characteristic features, but each tattoo should be selected individually, depending on the character traits and the appearance of the future owner. Check out the article on tattoos for men, appreciate the difference!

In short – in principle, they are not. If you are under 30, it is unlikely that you will meet a person with stereotypical thinking regarding tattoos. The facts about the stigmatization of harlots in ancient times are almost forgotten and have nothing to do with modern life.

The speculation about the problem of working with people with tattoos is also greatly exaggerated. Restrictions regarding tattoos in open areas may be present in positions involving client work, but areas where this is relevant can be counted on the fingers. Moreover, tattoos have become so popular in modern culture that in many companies, on the contrary, people with tattoos are especially welcome.

You may also have heard about possible problems with women’s health caused by tattoos. Today, this remains at the level of myths, since there are no real precedents where the harm of a tattoo would be somehow proved.

We can only wish you to consciously approach the choice of plot for a female tattoo, not to rush into the choice of a master and not try to save. And below we offer our selection of interesting tattoo photos for girls.

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