Mistakes of youth: How tattoos ruined a girl's personal life
"I hate what I did to myself," the girl says, referring to her tattoo in memory of her beloved pet. Adele got her tattoo when she was 18 years old…

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Does it hurt to do tattoos?
The question of whether it hurts to get a tattoo torments not only those who are just about to decorate their bodies with tattoos, but also those who have already…

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Invisible Japanese Yakuza Tattoos In the “Book of Japanese Symbols” (M. 2003), authorship of the famous Russian orientalist Alexander Meshcheryakov, I came across curious information about the “invisible” Japanese tattoos…

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Dwayne Johnson, better known to fans of wrestling and blockbuster action movies as The Rock, was born in the United States on 05/02/1972, in a family with Polynesian and Samoan roots.

Before becoming a “star” of screens and a wrestling super wrestler, Dwayne Johnson managed to become famous as an athlete. In particular, in 1991 he played in the team of the University of Miami in the championship among universities in American football. Later he began to play for the Calgary Stampeders team, but already in the Canadian Football League. After completing his sports career, Dwayne Johnson decides to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather Peter Mayvia and his father Rocky Johnson, who were both professional wrestlers.

Fig 1

So Dwayne Johnson became one of the fighters in the American Wrestling League World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), later renamed the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) – the World Wrestling Federation, where he was directly involved from 1996 to 2004. At first, as his pseudonym, he chose the names of his father and the surname of his grandfather; and then simply shortened it to “The Rock” (in Per. “Rock”). He quickly won the title in the major league and became one of the most recognizable wrestlers on the planet.

Since 2001, he has been actively developing his acting and production career. His first main role was the work in the film “Scorpion King” (2001). Since then, he often starred in action movies: Fast and the Furious 5, Blood and Sweat, Doom and others.
Johnson’s tattoos reflect traditional Samoan beliefs
Despite the fact that the famous wrestler and actor have only two tattoos, they have a deep philosophical implication and are real works of art, unique in their kind.

First of all, you need to talk more about the Dwayne Samoan tattoo, which is made by a Hawaiian tattoo master and symbolizes the traditions of the Samoan people. This is a Polynesian tattoo that displays the story of the Johnson family. The creation of this tattoo masterpiece of the fighter was inspired by his daughter, who helped her father develop her design. In addition, Johnson’s grandfather was also decorated with traditional Polynesian tattoos. The Johnson family believes that tattoos have a direct impact on life.

For three sessions, each of which lasted 20 hours intermittently, this magnificent Polynesian-style tattoo was performed. Sessions were held as real rites of the Polynesians and Samoans, during which people sang and danced, charging the tattoo with positive energy.

Pic 2

So, if you take apart the Polynesian tattoo on the right shoulder and chest into its component parts, then this is what it means:

A. Niu or coconut leaves symbolizing the supreme Samoan warrior.

B. The symbol “/ a” means the sun that brings good luck.

C. The symbol “isa / ga fa’atasi” (similar to the plexus of three people in one). As Johnson himself explained, these three people are himself, his wife Dani and the daughter of Simon Alexander.

D. A symbol resembling descending whirlpools denotes the past, present and future. Moreover, the future has
the greatest value. The fragment was completed at the hand of a wrestler, where its meaning in the Polynesian language is explained.

E. Next comes a symbol called “o mata e lua”, that is, two eyes. These are the eyes of deceased ancestors, watching the fate of Dwayne.

F. Then the “Big Eye” symbol of intimidation is located, which frightens the enemy and allows him to take control of his strength.

G. The image of a distorted face with shark teeth is another symbol of strength. For Samoans, this is a sign of spiritual protection and internal struggle.

H. The symbol of the priest, the spiritual mentor who enlightens the warrior and helps him find the right path.

I. Next are the stone symbols, indicating abundance and life achievements, which are important in the life of every man.

J. And finally, the tortoise shell, which symbolizes protection from evil spirits.

A little later, the tattoo was expanded. Above the heart was added the image of the warrior’s face in the ring, which symbolizes the career of three men from the Johnson family.

Pic 3

After the Samoan tattoo, Dwayne got another tattoo. This time, an angry bull appeared on the wrestler’s right shoulder, or rather, his head with horns and red eyes. According to the sign of the zodiac, Dwayne is Taurus, so the choice of such a picture is quite justified. In addition, the bull symbolizes the masculine principle, strength and confidence.

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Does it hurt to do tattoos?
The question of whether it hurts to get a tattoo torments not only those who are just about to decorate their bodies with tattoos, but also those who have already…


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