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Mistakes of youth: How tattoos ruined a girl’s personal life

“I hate what I did to myself,” the girl says, referring to her tattoo in memory of her beloved pet. Adele got her tattoo when she was 18 years old – it was at that age that he was already old enough to solve such problems on his own. However, this decision, obviously, was not balanced enough, because only a few years later Adele terribly regretted that she had crossed the threshold of the tattoo artist’s studio.

Adele got a tattoo on her chest at the age of eighteen.

After the death of her beloved Newfoundland, nicknamed Max, Adele Smith decided to perpetuate his memory and asked the tattoo artist to make two tattoos in the solar plexus. The tattoos were in the shape of a dog’s paw print. It was in 2007 and cost her 100 pounds (about $ 130). Now Adele is 28 years old, and she is forced to pay 1,000 pounds ($ 1,300), that is, ten times the amount to get rid of this tattoo.

In the university years, Adele was proud of her tattoo.

For all this time, Adele was not able to build her personal life, and she blames it on her tattoos. “I’ve already had ten years, just from the moment I made the tattoo, I didn’t have a normal relationship,” Adele complains. “Initially, the tattoo should have been a sentimental reminder of Max, but now, if I look at my chest, I I remember only the mistake that I made. ”

The tattoo was supposed to be a sentimental reminder of his beloved dog, nicknamed Max.

The tattoo on Adele’s chest is indeed quite remarkable – two huge footprints from dog’s paws (Adele made an imprint of her dog’s paws), completely filled with black ink. When she brought this drawing to the tattoo artist, he perfected the contours for another hour. The fact is that Adele wanted not just a tattoo, but one that combined with her previous, more elegant tattoo on her neck – she made that tattoo in memory of her rabbit Cherry.

“I already have a tattoo in memory of Cherry on my neck – it’s in the shape of two cherries – but Max’s paws were large, and the tattoo accordingly took up a lot of space, and the only suitable place on my body that I thought then was my chest , “Adele recalls.

At one time, a tattoo in the form of a dog’s paws cost Adele 100 pounds.

Then, at age 18, Adele was very happy that she made her tattoo. “I went to university, and everyone liked my tattoo. Newcomers came to our group, and I was like a local celebrity, everyone came to get to know me, asked me to show a tattoo, to talk about it. It became my“ trick. ”And then how- that imperceptibly positive attitude towards me changed to negative. I began to hear behind my back very offensive remarks like “Dog (sorry) boobs.” When it came to me, no one discussed me as a person or as a friend, everyone discussed only my chest and my tattoos.I began to wear such an ode I’m waiting to close my chest completely, but as soon as the edge of the tattoo appeared somewhere, they all started to stare again. ”

Now Adele has to wear clothes that would completely cover her tattoo.

“I hate my breasts because of my tattoos. Now because of them I have to wear clothes with a high neck, even in summer, when it is unbearably hot. I feel insecure. Yes, and the guys treat me accordingly: since I got a tattoo on my chest “so I want everyone to stare at her – they think, and therefore they treat me very frivolously.”

Adele admits that because of the tattoo, they began to treat her very lightly.

Now Adele finally gathered the money (and braced herself) to go to the special laser tattoo removal clinic. This will cost her ten times the amount than she spent to get a tattoo, and in total will take a year and a half. It will take as long as 18 months for the skin to fully regenerate from laser intervention. “It’s expensive and it’s long. But it’s worth it. If that means I can finally be just Adele again and look at myself in the mirror without shuddering, it’s worth it.”

The process of removing the tattoo will take a year and a half and will cost Adele 10 times more expensive than the tattoo itself.

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