Tattoo history
The history of tattoos dates back many thousands of years, from the moment a person began to live in society with other people. The most ancient tattoos were found by…

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Split (or cutting) the tongue is one of the most original ways of modifying the body over the past fifteen years. Back in 2002, the “snake language” was aggressively perceived…

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Exchanged the fourth dozen "girl", which can not get out of the image of the main "starlet" of Hollywood, a miniature beauty with big blue eyes, endearing with her romantic…

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It is a mistake to believe that the swastika tattoo carries a negative connotation. This is an ancient Slavic symbol that carries only a positive mood. It was borrowed by fascist Germany with propaganda intentions during World War II.

In ancient times, people meant by swastika the movement of the sun in the sky. In this case, the symbol was depicted in various versions. Each performance carried a deep meaning and had a meaning separate from the rest of the images. The drawing could be seen on banners, Slavic clothes, weapons, spinning wheels and other products. It was often used to decorate architectural buildings, so that it would bring the owner only luck.

Slavic peoples often encrypted natural and cosmic processes in their symbolism. It also found reflection in the art of applying underwear. The meaning of the swastika tattoo can be revealed as a natural cycle of things in the physical and spiritual world. This may include:

alternating seasons;
change of day and night;
ebbs and flows;
the birth of man and his death.
Our ancestors perceived time and all life in the universe as a change of cycles that are closely related. This is the basis of all swastika tattoo designs.

The standard image of this symbol is made in the form of a cross with curved ends that follow each other clockwise. The number of these ends may be different. People who want to stuff a Slavic swastika tattoo on their bodies basically lay in images such as:

a life;
the sun;
When choosing a swastika tattoo of a certain kind, from the beginning, make sure its true value. Images of the swastika may be similar to each other, but at the same time they have a completely different meaning. The customer must know exactly what value the image will bear. After all, this drawing will remain with him until the end of his life and will say that a person is directly related to Slavic culture. Before you fill such a symbol, you should think about size and color performance. Swastika tattoos can be supplemented with other Slavic symbols, which will give the picture a more aesthetic appearance.

The Masonic Brotherhood attaches great importance to symbolism. In addition to material symbols, for example, a zapon or the Book of the Holy Law, there are images. They are designed to distinguish people belonging to Freemasonry.

The main symbols include images of a compass and a square. They were used by masons in antiquity. Their main interpretation is the presentation of lessons and the ability to limit oneself. There is disagreement over the meaning of the letter G in the center. The main opinion is that it symbolizes God, who is the center of the movement.
The most common Masonic tattoo is an eye enclosed in a triangle. It symbolizes the Great Architect of the Universe, who constantly looks after the order and activities of the fraternity. Another name for this sign is the radiant delta. The triangle was not chosen by chance; it is associated with fire and enlightenment. The open eye in the tattoo of the Masonic sign is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, conscience.

Before choosing a Masonic eye as a tattoo, it is worth remembering that it has a sacred meaning and carries great power. Do not disrespect him. The all-seeing Eye carries many meanings associated with different cultures. Before applying it to your skin, it is worth considering what value it will bear for you.

Masonic tattoos also include images of crosses (Greek, ankh and others). They are often depicted in conjunction with other characters, making up the composition. Crosses symbolize not only the Sun, but also the four elements that make up our world.

Masonic tattoos have religious significance, so they should be placed in the upper part of the body and carefully approach the choice of sign and place of application. Sacred symbols are more often applied to the arms, back, or nape.

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