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When it comes to the art of tattooing, it’s worthwhile to talk separately about temporary tattoos, since many “beginners” are concerned with this burning question: can I get a tattoo…

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We managed to talk a little about the meaning of the Kolovrat tattoo when we covered in detail the theme of Slavic symbols and charms. I must say, the Slavic theme is gaining from year to year. Modern people have an interest and a craving for cultural sources. We want to know more about how our ancestors lived, what they believed in, which was really important for them.

The first association that occurs when a Kolovrat is seen is the sun. Indeed, this is one of the main objects of veneration not only among the Slavs, but also in almost all ancient cultures. Solar energy, the power of fire, is both the progenitor of all living things, and a deadly threat. Curved beams are important. They constantly symbolize movement, life cycle, change. Interestingly, a symbol can be represented in several interpretations.

Moves clockwise – a female amulet. Such a picture symbolizes harmony and creation.
It moves counterclockwise – a man’s amulet – means purification, renewal.
The symbol drawn inside the circle is considered a sign of the universe.
Thus, despite the prevailing opinions that this sign is more suitable for male tattoos, with a certain image it is quite suitable for a girl.

On the photo and sketches of the Kolovrat tattoo, you will see a different number of rays. Oddly enough, this factor also affects the overall value of the tattoo.

4 rays – heavenly fire
6 rays – the sign of Perun
8 rays – the power of the sun, the revival of the Slavic faith.
The eight-beam Kolovrat can most often be found on various emblems, flags and banners, including modern admirers and protagonists of ancient culture.

The most common places for a Kolovrat tattoo can be considered:

Shoulder (outer part)
The back (the area between the shoulder blades)

Impressed by the drawings on the body of Jared Leto in the form of arrows, we decided to develop the theme of geometric tattoos. Today we will talk about a circle tattoo. I must say that recently there has been a clear trend towards an increase in the popularity of such styles as abstractionism, watercolor and trash polka. Looking ahead, I’ll say that in our gallery of tattoo photos in the form of circles you will see several works in precisely such styles.

They are characterized by rough strokes, fuzzy borders and create a peculiar effect of negligence.

Tattoo circle trash polka
We talked about the meaning of the circle tattoo in many articles. A figure that does not have a beginning and an end, a symbol of harmony, eternity, the balance of the universe. The circles depict the sun and moon. This figure symbolizes the cyclical nature of life, the uniform course of time, the unity of the beginning and the end. Depending on the availability of additional elements, the tattoo circle may take on new meanings. And we will try to summarize. The main meaning of the tattoo in the form of a circle:


It is difficult to find a person whose cross would not be associated primarily with Christianity. This is logical, given the widespread dissemination of religion (and in previous centuries, and its planting), but the symbolism of the cross is much older, its images can be found on archaeological finds dating back to the time when no one had heard of Christianity. And the most interesting thing is that this symbol is found in different ancient cultures, many of which had no connection with each other, around the world. This suggests that the ancient people, almost regardless of their place of residence and professed religion, saw something sacred in the cross. Nowadays, jewelry, prints on clothes or tattoos in the form of a cross will not surprise anyone.

To understand what the cross tattoo means in modern culture, you should turn to the origins of this sign.

The cross has always been considered a symbol that conceals extremely positive energy. For example, African Bushmen, whose culture and way of life have remained virtually unchanged for millennia, have seen divine protection in this sign. In the Sumerian-Semitic tradition, the cross personified the solar energy that gives life. Among the Celts, the cross was considered a phallic symbol and was used in fertility rituals. The Scandinavians saw in the tau cross (a cross resembling the letter “T” in shape) a schematic representation of the hammer of Thor, which personified divine power and authority, the power of nature and fertility. Among the Mesoamerican Indians, the tau cross symbolized the Tree of Life and was an attribute of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent who led the Aztec pantheon of the gods. And the Indians of North America considered the cross a kind of schematic depiction of a person, as well as a symbol of the four cardinal points and four winds. Australian aborigines used the image of this sign in the context of worshiping the moon goddess.

Given the meanings so similar to each other, the cross tattoo on the wrist, for example, is endowed with an ancient, multifaceted, but still unambiguous symbolism – divine protection, vitality, solar energy and well-being.

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