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Tattoo Reviews and Survey

According to American sociologists, today one out of seven adults in the United States is tattooed. Moreover, among the respondents aged 40–56 years, one in ten is tattooed, and among those who are 25–34 years old, one in three already.

And what is the situation in Russia? A sociological survey was conducted in late 2004 – early 2005. mainly among students of two metropolitan humanitarian universities (State University of the Humanities and the Russian State University for the Humanities).

Freshman tattoos
Among first-year students of the Moscow State Pedagogical University, every fifth or 20% of the respondents answered positively to the question about the presence of tattoos and piercings. 60% of respondents aged 17 years, 20% – 19 years, 20% – 20 years.

The number of young people in the sample with tattoos and piercings slightly prevailed over the number of girls (60 and 40 percent, respectively). The young man visited the idea of ​​making a tattoo for the first time at 13, 17 and 18 years old, according to the respondents, this decision was made independently (33.3%) or under the influence of friends (66.7%).

Boys. In how many years did the place of application
The first tattoo or piercing was made by them from 13 to 18 years. In young men, the tattoo is more often localized on the legs (100%), in half the cases, the forearm marking is added to this tattoo. In 100% of cases, the piercing affected the cartilage of the ear; in 50%, thperforation of e lobe and right eyebrow was added to it.

Meaning and meaning
Respondents’ answers to a group of questions that revealed motivation are the most vague. Tattoos and piercings are applied “just like that”, however, there was a man who believes that the Japanese-style tattoo “symbolizes his life preferences.”

At the same time, it can be assumed that tattoos and piercings in young people of this group pursue the character of the demonstration. This is evidenced by the drawing of a tiger drawing, symbolizing, according to the respondent, strength; that a tattoo, not to mention a piercing, often affects open areas of the body.

However, young men do not necessarily believe that tattoos and piercings improve their appearance (formally 66% are “for”). One respondent who answered this question positively admitted elsewhere in the questionnaire: he does not believe that tattooing and piercing increase the attractiveness of its owner.

But “tattooing (piercing) helps to stand out from the crowd” (33.3%), “improves social status” (66.7%), helps “feel like a different person” (33.3%). But there are also young men who believe that applying a tattoo does not bear any personality changes and social consequences (33%).

In general, the students surveyed live in a tolerant environment. Their choice was positively evaluated by friends (66.7%), indifferently by relatives (100%) and negatively by teachers (33%).

The girls. In how many years did the place of application
Freshmen for the first time wanted to get a tattoo at the age of 16–18 and realized this desire at the age of 17–18. The tattoo was applied on the lower back (50%), on the shoulder (50%), piercing – on the left eyebrow (50%). We will not consider wearing ordinary earrings indicative due to the prevalence of this rather decorative tradition. Although here, the age of perforation of the earlobe (5 and 17 years) may be important.

Sense and main images
The girls made their decisions on their own, without the influence of friends they would like to report. Their aspiration is also demonstrative at its core: the tattoo is almost never covered with clothing (unless it is about winter). In the plot respect, the floral ornament and the name of a friend in Japanese are met. Accordingly, it can be assumed that the choice of girls was dominated by romance and the desire to decorate themselves. Perception of tattoos and piercings is positive on the part of friends and indifferent on the part of parents.

The sample obtained in the survey, made on the basis of the RSUH, is somewhat different in composition and more heterogeneous, moreover, it is older. The interviewed young people had incomplete or completed higher education.

Boys. The presence of tattoos, place and age of application
The age of the youths ranged from 21 to 26 years. They decided to get a tattoo on their own (100%), aged 13 (25%), 17 (25%) and 18 (50%) years. They managed to realize their desire for the first time at 18 and 19 years old (50% each). Sometimes a tattoo was obtained during military service (25%). The idea to have ear piercings arose and was realized at 16 (25%). Tattoos in 100% of cases are localized on the arms (2/3 called the shoulder, 1/3 – the wrist); at times, which is not surprising in our climate, they are hidden by clothes.

The meaning of tattooing
50% admitted that they made tattoos to improve their appearance, but there were other explanations: “in addition to the general style”, “for your own pleasure”.

Positive consequences for one’s life can be traced to 75%; 25% are of the opinion that there is no influence of tattoos on their lives, while at the same time, 50% of the respondents, along with the positive ones, see the negative aspects of tattooing.

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