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How to open your own tattoo parlor?

The first professional tattoo studio was opened in 1840 in America by Martin Hildebant. In Russia, many simply do not know where to start. The financial issue is important, but only they can not be limited!

What is a tattoo parlor?

Today in Moscow there are several dozen tattoo parlors. In addition to tattoos, they will “provide” you with piercings, permanent make-up, body art, the creation of African hairstyles, braids, dreadlocks, and intimate haircuts. Or, let’s say, if you wish, the opportunity to learn the profession of a tattoo artist, piercer or permanent makeup artist.

People trained in large tattoo parlors subsequently often open their own firms. Such enterprises, offering a fairly wide range of services, while not climbing into the “border territories” of beauty centers, according to marketers, are promising in terms of quick payback and demand by the population.

The bulk of tattoo parlors are enterprises that are quite mobile (many are registered as a self-employed person for simplification of taxation, but there are LLC and CJSC).

Premises and area of ​​the tattoo parlor

Salons occupy not very large areas: in 15-30 square meters. m. Often these are premises in existing hairdressing salons, in business or fitness centers, as well as basements, where 12 square meters are allocated for the treatment room in accordance with SES standards. m. per one workplace and, accordingly, 22-24 sq. m. for two jobs.

A utility room for storing linen, clean napkins and similar materials (4-6 sq. M.), A showcase with placed samples of paints, piers, tattoo machines and other necessary equipment is also needed. There should also be a room for storage of cleaning equipment (4 sq. M.).

“At first we rented an apartment, but immediately assumed that we would work as a salon, professionally,” says Elena Osipova, the owner of the Ultra salon.

The main investments occur at the stage of design and construction, the purchase of professional equipment, and rental. At the opening of the salon with an area of ​​15-30 square meters. m. (but not less than 12 sq. m.) will leave 5-10 thousand at. e.

Financial allocation

Repair of the room and a sign $ 1000-4000
Equipment and materials $ 1000-2000
Registration of permits
Furniture and room rental
If the tattoo parlor is located in a residential building, then it must have a separate entrance. The cabinet must have washable floors, walls and ceilings (!). It should have water (sinks), a toilet (at least 3 sq. M.). It is desirable that the air be ozonized.

It is necessary to equip the reception desk, wardrobe, room for visitors waiting for their turn (14 sq. M.); it is mandatory to install a vestibule-lock at the front door or thermal curtain, as well as premises for storing the upper and special clothing of staff (4 sq. m.).

On average, within the MKAD, the premises of the above sizes can be found in the price range from 10-20 y. e. per sq. m per month.

Success stories

Each salon chooses a different tactic for doing business. For example, the head of the Marilyn salon Vitaly Okhotenko has been doing his job for more than 10 years, noting in 2003 the tenth anniversary of the first procedure. He says that he started with permanent makeup, focusing on services rather than selling equipment and gradually coming to procedures such as piercings and art tattoos. Over time, he registered a medical center, which has a tattoo parlor, a training school and a store.

For example, Vitaliy Klimov, the head of the Biotek salon, where permanent makeup is also the main focus, promotes the Italian company BioteK in Russia, being its exclusive representative. The salon built its successful strategy around the sale of branded equipment for permanent makeup and tattooing. In the regions of Russia, branches of the same name were opened, into which the lion’s share of equipment and supplies goes. Later they began to engage in piercings and tattooing, inviting highly qualified masters.

Masters selection

Tattoo salons are not opened as often as, say, hairdressers or beauty salons. There are not many good permanent makeup and tattoo artists. Indeed, in addition to the ability to draw, you also need love for this difficult art, which requires perseverance and patience. For masters, a secondary medical education is desirable. In the absence of this, you should undergo a medical course “nursing” to understand the anatomy of the human body, anesthesia, know asepsis and antiseptics, etc. There must be a medical book with all the vaccinations.

Usually the masters are aware of where this or that salon was opened. They come by themselves, on the recommendations or on advertisements placed. They bring photographs of the work, discuss the conditions under which agreements are made between the owner and the master. Basically, the parties agree not on a fixed salary rate, but on a certain percentage, which, depending on the salon, is 30-50%.

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