Extreme Tattoos
Among the respondents there were several twenty-year-olds; the oldest “object of study” turned 53 years old. Cyberpunk andrew Twenty-year-old Andrew, underwent hundreds of hours of painful procedures for tattooing, piercing,…

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I have long wanted a tattoo. I like to consider them, try to understand the essence and character of the owner through his tattoo. A tattoo made meaningfully, like a…

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Extreme Tattoos
Among the respondents there were several twenty-year-olds; the oldest “object of study” turned 53 years old. Cyberpunk andrew Twenty-year-old Andrew, underwent hundreds of hours of painful procedures for tattooing, piercing,…

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Slavic Tattoos | Charms of Slavs | The meanings of the runes | Photos of ornaments

Without a special semantic load, they are simply signs of belonging to a particular mystical or religious tradition, signs that a person leads an intense spiritual life.

The Theologian – personifies the Eternal Power and protection of the Light Gods to a person who has embarked on the path of spiritual development and perfection. The mandala with the image of this symbol helps a person to realize the interpenetration and unity of the four primary elements in our universe.

Svarozhich is a symbol of the Heavenly Power of God Svarog, preserving in its original form the whole variety of Life forms in the Universe. He protects all reasonable forms of Life from Soul and Spiritual degradation, as well as from complete destruction, as a rational species.

Bogodar – symbolizes the constant patronage of the Heavenly Gods, who give people the Ancient True Wisdom and Justice. This symbol is especially revered by the guardian priests, whom the Heavenly Gods entrusted to protect the Highest Gift – Heavenly Wisdom.

Valkyrie is an ancient amulet that protects Wisdom, Justice, Nobleness and Honor. This sign is especially revered by the soldiers who defend their Homeland, their Ancient Clan and Old Faith. As a guard symbol was used by the Priests to preserve the Holy Vedas.

Spiritual Power – a symbol of the constant transformation of the Human Spirit. It is used to strengthen and concentrate the Soul and Spiritual forces necessary for a person to do creative work for the benefit of the descendants of his ancient Family or Great People.

Znich – symbolizes the fiery Heavenly God guarding the Sacred Everlasting Living Fire, which is revered in all Ancient Clans of Orthodox Old Believers as the Eternal Inexhaustible Source of Life.

The Ratiborets is a fiery symbol of military Valor, Courage and Courage. As a rule, he was depicted on military armor, weapons, as well as on different States (banners, banners) of the Princely Friends. It is believed that the Ratiboretz blinds the eyes of the horns and makes them escape from the battlefield.

Rysich is an ancient patrimonial talisman symbol. Initially depicted on the walls of the Temples and Sanctuaries, on altar stones near the Altars. Subsequently, he began to be portrayed on all buildings, as it is believed that there is no better oerega from the dark forces than Rysich.

Wedding – a powerful family talisman, symbolizing the unification of the two Clans, the merger of two Elemental Swastika Systems (body, Soul, Spirit and Conscience) into a new single Life System, where the Male (Fiery) Principle is connected with the Female (Water).

The symbol of the race is the symbol of the Unified Universal Union of the Four Great Nations of the Aryans and Slavs. The peoples of the Aryans unite the Da’Aryans and x’Aryans, and the peoples of the Slavs unite the Svyatorusses and Rassen. This unity is indicated by the Solar symbol of England in Heavenly Space (blue background). SOLAR ENGLAND – The Silver Sword (Conscience) with the Fiery Hand (Pure Thoughts) crosses the Symbol of the Race. The sword points downwards, which symbolizes the preservation and protection of the Ancient Divine Wisdom of the Great Race from the forces of darkness. If the sword is drawn with its tip up, this means a call to protect the Great Race from external enemies.

DUNIA – a symbol of the union of the Earth and Heavenly Living Fire. Its purpose is to preserve the Paths of permanent Oneness of the Family. Therefore, all the Fiery Altars for the building of the Bloodless Gifts and Treb, brought to the glory of the Gods and Ancestors, are built in the form of this symbol.

CELESTIAL NEPR – a sign of the Hall in Svarozh Circle, a symbol of the Patron God of this Hall – Ramhat Trisvetloy. This sign denotes the union of the Past and the Future, the Earthly and Heavenly Wisdom. In the form of a talisman, this symbol is used by people who have embarked on the Path of Spiritual Self-Improvement.

LIGHT – this symbol represents the combination of two Great Fire Streams: Earthly and Divine (Extraterrestrial). This connection gives rise to the Universal Whirlwind of Transfiguration, which helps Man to reveal the essence of Multidimensional Being through the Light of Knowledge of the Ancient Foundations.

Svitovit – a symbol of the eternal relationship between Earthly Waters and Heavenly Fire. From this connection new Pure Souls are born, preparing for incarnation on Earth in the Clear World. Pregnant women embroider this amulet on dresses and sundresses so that healthy children are born.

SLOW GRASS – the main amulet for protection against various diseases. It is believed by people that evil forces send diseases to Man, and the Double Fiery Sign is able to burn any ailment and disease, cleanse the body, soul and spirit.

COLORFELLER COLOR – a fiery symbol of the Purity of the Spirit. It has powerful healing power. People call it Perunov Tsvet. It is believed that he is able to open treasures hidden in the ground, to fulfill desires. In fact, it gives a person the opportunity to reveal the spiritual strength and abilities.

SWASTICA – a symbol of the Eternal Cycle of the Universe. It reflects the Highest Heavenly Law, to which all things are subject. People use this fire sign as a talisman that protects the existing Law and Order. Life itself depends on the inviolability of the Law and Order.

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