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Neck tattoo

Even in the distant past, body-tattoo designs were in great demand, and to this day this trend has not passed, but is only gaining popularity. A person seeks to emphasize his individuality, his style in every possible way. One of the most popular forms of manifestation of one’s own “I” is a body drawing. Tattoos are especially common on the neck. They are demonstrative and preferred by people of creative professions: actors, artists, singers.

What is trending now?
The trend of tattooing on the neck has spread mainly among young people. This area attracts attention since the neck is often open. Therefore, it is often said that a tattoo made on the neck is a business card of a person. Both boys and girls apply drawings in this area. The only difference is that everyone sees their own choice of sketches and place of application.

Men’s tattoos on the neck
Guys prefer to fill the pattern left or right, that is, on the sides. At the back of the neck, men also adorn the neck of the tattoo, but less often. The bristles cover the front of the picture, so it is completely pointless to do it in this area.
Also, some thoughtful citizens stuff the desired sketch at the bottom of the neck, so if you want, you can hide it with a shirt collar, scarf or neck of a sweater. favorite drawings among guys are tattoos of wild animals, abstract drawings, patterns, crosses.

No less popular and various labels of different sizes and fonts. They are made both along and across the neck. Sometimes the necks of men are adorned with the “endings” of tattoos stuffed on their backs or chests. That is, not a whole image is visible, but only a part of it.
Tattoo girls on the neck
Girls prefer modest tattoos on the neck, concise and complete. Favorite place of application is in the back. Tattoos look especially cool when girls have a hairstyle with their hair removed. Favorite female tattoos on the neck: stars, hearts, silhouettes of animals or people and inscriptions. All of them are very popular. Often, girls choose small items, as they are easier to disguise, and the size dictates the pain of the procedure.
Despite the fact that the bone is not too close to the skin on the neck, nevertheless, a tattoo in this place will be a rather painful phenomenon. But from an aesthetic point of view, one cannot underestimate this type of underwear design.

Color selection
To make a color tattoo or black and white for himself must decide, first of all, the customer himself. the master can only confirm his fears or support the initiative, giving some advice and recommendations. In most cases (approximately 70%) monochrome images appear on the neck. The choice can be explained by the complexity of the procedure, since it is rather difficult to make tattoos on the bends of the neck.

It leaves an imprint and the time of the procedure, as well as its soreness. In addition, thin skin sometimes does not allow to accurately display the desired pattern and the paint simply starts to flow. Over time, the deformation of the tattoo will become more noticeable. Therefore, mainly black and white tattoos are preferred.

Such a choice is the most rational, but multi-colored tattoos should not be denied. Bright flowers look very beautiful on the neck of girls, especially in combination with the phrase in Latin. Men also choose multi-colored tattoos, but only if they want to focus on them.
How much is?
In a tattoo parlor with a pre-order, the master will definitely tell you the approximate cost of the work. But in essence, these are just drafts, and the real price can vary significantly. What does it consist of?

The time spent on work. The more time it takes to work, the higher the cost. On average, the work of the master is quoted from 3000 rubles per hour. It is worth noting that neck tattoos are usually small in volume, respectively, and the price will not be too expensive.
The experience of the master. The more experienced a specialist, the higher his price per hour, which is fair.
Workload of salon employees. Than the load, i.e. popularity is higher, and the higher the cost.
Size and complexity of the sketch. If the picture has a lot of thin lines or too ornate elements, this will affect the cost of the tattoo.
The cost of materials is also included in the final price of the finished tattoo.
But sometimes there are discounts or promotions in the salons, you need to clarify this nuance with the administrator. And it happens that the master really wants to try some sketch on his shoulder, and your desires coincide both in terms of the image and in terms of the place of application. In this case, the drawing on the body can be obtained almost for nothing.

Before you get a tattoo, you always stipulate the operating time in ideal conditions, but it is also inaccurate. After all, no one knows how the skin will behave, what pain threshold the customer has, etc. But for the neck, the usual time range is 2-3 hours.
Celebrity Tattoo
Tattoos on the neck are also popular among the stars. More common, of course, they got among the girls. Celebrities do not hide them, but even try in every way to emphasize.

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