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Sketches and photos of a tattoo on the lower back
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Tattoo on the shoulder

One of the most popular places for tattoos is the shoulder, especially in men. Girls are more likely to get tattoos on their forearms. Such tattoos were known in ancient times, as this place is quite prominent and convenient for tattooing.

There, members of the tribe punctured decals, as well as indications of belonging to a particular class.

Nowadays, a variety of tattoos are made on the shoulder: animals, Celtic patterns, various kinds of abstractions, ornaments, and girls – flowers, birds, tree branches, for example, sakura. In this article, we will talk about these various tattoos.

Benefits of Shoulder Tattoos
For both men and girls, a tattoo is a way to stand out, a way to tell the world about yourself, about your tastes, about your life positions with one image. Most often, tattoos mean something specific, so a whole language of tattoos has developed. But there are abstract drawings, patterns, ornaments that do not carry any meaning in themselves, but serve only as a means to stand out from the crowd. But what can attract a tattoo on his shoulder? What’s so special about her?

In men, this tattoo primarily emphasizes masculinity. Arms and shoulders are one of the most “courageous” organs, since basically strength depends on them. Very often, girls pay attention to the width of the shoulders and the volume of the hands of a man.

Thus, tattoos on the shoulder can emphasize this very masculinity, therefore, the leading position among such tattoos is occupied by images of animals (such as a wolf, bear, shark, etc.) and the so-called Celtic patterns.

For girls, tattoos on the shoulder are not so common, and if they do, then these are mainly drawings of flowers, delicate patterns or branches of a tree. Also often on this place there are inscriptions. For example, Angelina Jolie has a tattoo on her shoulder with an inscription. It indicates the date of birth, as well as the longitude and width of the place where the future Hollywood star was born.

Another common advantage of tattoos on the shoulder is that they are easy to apply, and it is not as painful as, for example, on the wrist or neck, because the skin on the shoulder is thicker and rougher. In addition, the tattoo on the shoulder is clearly visible in the summer, but at the same time, if desired or necessary, it can be hidden under the clothing, especially if it is not large.

Disadvantages of tattoos on the shoulder
This place is exposed to solar ultraviolet radiation in the summer, so it can fade quickly. This is perhaps the only drawback, but it is inherent in the tattoo not only in this place, so it is hardly worth paying any special attention to it.

Also, the master must be experienced enough to apply a beautiful tattoo on the shoulder, especially difficult if the arm is thin.

The fact is that due to the cylindrical shape of the surface, the image may be deformed. But skillful tattoo artists made a plus out of this, since 3D tattoos are very popular now.

Tattooing on the shoulder
Here, in addition to the above, there are no more features. The procedure is the same as usual when applying a tattoo. The cost of such a tattoo, the time of its drawing – all this depends only on a separate drawing, that is, on size, style, etc.

Fashion has little effect on tattoos, only if their style. Now, for example, the trend of tattoos in a realistic style. These are animals, plants, portraits of people painted as realistic, colorful as possible.

Black tattoos are mainly just patterns or various kinds of abstractions.

Thus, a tattoo on the shoulder – although this is a common way to stand out, is nevertheless quite relevant, as it has a huge number of variations for every taste and imagination.

Tattoos on the chest can be attributed to the group of the most popular. Such a tattoo is easy to brag to others, without hiding it under clothes. And because of the large flat area, you can give free rein to imagination when choosing a sketch.

What are the tattoos on the chest
It is difficult to distinguish the popular types for tattooing on the chest due to such frequent use of this place in recent times. Moreover, both boys and girls like this type of tattoo.

And if earlier monochrome tattoos were preferable, then people began to fill color sketches more often. Recently, tattoo lovers have often turned to such sketches:

No matter how trite it may sound, heart tattoos are now very popular. But not with the usual red pattern from valentines, but with the real anatomical heart of a person. Such a tattoo can symbolize, for example, real feelings.

The bird should be important, have some properties according to beliefs. For example, an owl symbolizes wisdom, and a raven symbolizes longevity. Such tattoos are stuffed over the entire chest – a bird in flight with a wingspan.

The inscription is also stretched across the entire chest, they select a beautiful font and put special significance into it.

Now they fill both single tattoos (for example, the anatomical heart in the left part of the chest), and entire compositions with the main element in the middle. Paired tattoos are also popular.

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Tattoo on the shoulder
One of the most popular places for tattoos is the shoulder, especially in men. Girls are more likely to get tattoos on their forearms. Such tattoos were known in ancient…