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Split (or cutting) the tongue is one of the most original ways of modifying the body over the past fifteen years. Back in 2002, the “snake language” was aggressively perceived by society, after almost a dozen years the situation has changed radically, and now more and more salons offer the “split” service, as demand for it grows.

Cutting the tongue has a thousand-year history and goes back to the Mayan civilization. The high priests were obliged to make a split tongue (sometimes it was divided into 3-4 parts), which was a kind of stigma.

After several hundred years, the ritual of the separation of the language adopted the teaching of “yoga.” The ancient minions of this teaching believed that a forked and elongated language would help them perform special exercises that brought its owner closer to the awareness of being and going beyond life. Many Indian deities had just such a language. In the Christian religion, it was believed that only servants of Satan had a forked language.

Nowadays, the split is choosing more and more representatives of different subcultures, starting from the dark ready and emo, and ending with punks, metallers and freaks. The purpose of a split, like many other body jewelry (piercings, tunnels, tattoos), is self-expression. But since you will not surprise anyone with an earring in your ear or on a tattoo on your arm, and it is difficult to stand out from the crowd, brave young people decide on such an operation.

how to split the tongue

In theory, the language split procedure is quite simple. However, this does not mean that it can be done by Adam’s apple by a second master who knows how to hold a scalp in his hands. When choosing a wizard for a split, rely on the following criteria:

the level of professionalism is primarily indicated by the availability of a certificate of training. In Moscow, courses of masters are held, where they can issue it;
tools for the procedure should be disposable and opened directly with you. Otherwise, ask the master about the methods of processing the scalpel, or leave the salon;
ask the master to present a portfolio of his work and, if possible, talk to his former clients in advance and read reviews. If everything suits you, feel free to make an appointment.
Regardless of whether the surgeon or the master cuts your tongue in the salon, deciding on a procedure, you should be aware of the possible risks. They are as follows:

Allergy or personal intolerance to anesthesia. Immediately before the split, the patient is given local anesthesia. The master is obliged to supply his client with papers on possible secondary risks.
Blood loss. Due to the fact that there is a huge number of blood vessels in the box, with the loss of control over the procedure, a lot of blood can be lost. If you make a cut of the tongue in a medical institution, then this probability is minimized.
Section of nerves or glands. This is only possible with deep bifurcation of the tongue. If this happens, emergency hospitalization will be required.
With regard to contraindications, such a procedure is not recommended for persons under 18 years of age, with a low pain threshold and poor blood coagulation. For individual contraindications, consult a specialist.

The divided halves of the tongue in the first few months can grow together or fester, therefore, during this time, your tongue needs competent care. It is also relevant to prevent unwanted effects in the form of suppuration.


The most unpleasant day is the first. Usually, masters advise closing at home in complete peace, devoting himself to leaving. In the early days, you will experience very profuse salivation. Spitting in this case will be quite difficult due to the fact that the tongue will swell.

After cutting the tongue, for the first few weeks it will be necessary to wear a homeostatic sponge, which is located between the cut parts. It must be changed at least 4 times a day and every time after a meal.

For drugs, painkillers and disinfectants, consult ONLY a professional craftsman! In no case do not take for granted the advice of strangers from forums and social networks.

During the healing process of the split, it is absolutely necessary to exclude alcohol and cigarettes.

If you decide on the procedure for cutting the language, then you should also know about all the possible consequences:

After your tongue is cut with a scalpel, the tongue will not be able to return to its original state, only if you do not resort to a special operation. But here it is worth noting that it will be more painful and expensive.
A forked tongue will affect your diction. You will begin to lisp at the conversation, and most likely you will spit.
The first time after the cut will not only hurt to talk, but it will. After a few months, the pain will go away.
With poor quality work as a master, or if you yourself decide to cut your own tongue (in no case!).

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