Making a tattoo on a scar may be the only way to restore the lost attractiveness of the body after injuries, operations and illnesses. In the article we will tell…

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Psychology of tattoos: 10 facts from the history and modernity of tattoos
Today in the West, one in three people has at least one tattoo. In fact, the process of “decorating oneself” with images and scars has been practiced for millennia. In…

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We managed to talk a little about the meaning of the Kolovrat tattoo when we covered in detail the theme of Slavic symbols and charms. I must say, the Slavic…

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Many chuckle at those lovers who, in a fit of tender feelings, make tattoos with each other’s names, jokingly asking what they will do if they suddenly decide to break off relations. However, names are far from the only option for a paired tattoo. Moreover, not only romantic feelings are able to encourage a person to permanently imprint on his body a symbol of attachment to another. Tattoo for two friends is also not uncommon. Today we will consider several classic as well as extraordinary ideas for tattoos, which can become a symbol of mutual feelings.

The most popular variant of paired works is two images that acquire special meaning and completeness, if combined. One of the classic stories of paired tattoos for lovers is a lock and a key. Despite the popularity of these images, such works still look quite interesting if you choose the style and wizard. Realistic ancient locks and keys, adorned with many small decorative elements, precious stones, which seem to sparkle in the light, are especially admired.

Another interesting option is the card king and queen (in our latitudes it is customary to call her a lady). The scope for imagination is enormous: it can be monochrome images of cards in the Chicano style, bright cards in the style of newscul, decorated with roses and ribbons, or even realistic portraits inscribed on the card.

Surely two people who are so close that they want to capture their connection on their own bodies have many common interests. It is also worth starting from this when choosing a plot for a tattoo. For example, lovers of marine subjects can make small paired tattoos in the form of an anchor and a helm, the same fish of different colors on the wrists or ankles. People gravitating to eastern philosophy can portray half the yin-yang symbol on themselves. Friends who, since childhood, can choose a plot that reminds them of these fun and carefree times, for example, two kids talking on the “walkie-talkie” from plastic cups connected by a cord, while the cord will seem whole if you connect two tattoos.

Symmetrical-paired-tattoo -Pair-tattoo-on-the-arms-in-love -Photo-paired-tattoosPhoto-paired-tattoos-for-twoPhoto-paired-tattoos-blackwork
The same tattoos – this can be said to be a win-win option: together these works will talk about mutual feelings and affection, but individually they will look like a whole picture.

Such work is usually small. The plot for a tattoo can be anything, any image that is close to two lovers, friends or relatives. For example, fans of watercolor works may like small bright feathers that will indicate the lightness and elevation of feelings that bind people. If lovers want to portray any representatives of the fauna, then the best solution is to opt for one of the animals symbolizing love, family and fertility: deer, horse, dove, swan, ladybug, etc.

The same applies to friendships. For example, in China, a panda is considered a symbol of friendship, so why not decorate your body with a cute black and white teddy bear resting in the thicket of bamboo? Also, a variant with the image of dogs suggests itself, because they are, as you know, the best friends of a person. You can express your mutual feelings with the same plant images: red and white roses, forget-me-nots, red tulips, honeysuckle, anthurium, lilacs, friendship – chrysanthemum, acacia, thuja branches, pear flowers, yellow carnations or roses symbolize love.

Tattoos can also reflect some particularly important events or periods in life. For example, the same tattoos for friends who are familiar from childhood, in the form of girls swinging on a swing, will look very moving, with a touch of nostalgia for joyful days spent together. Friends who have survived a major quarrel and reconciliation can choose a half-comic image of a children’s oath on their little fingers. This will mean that the old grievances no longer have power over them, now they seem baseless and even funny.

An interesting idea can also be a butterfly tattoo with folded wings on the hands, forearm or wrist. At the same time, if you combine the two works, it will seem as if it is one butterfly with spread wings. If you want to do something larger, then you should consider the option with the same mandalas on the forearms – such a tattoo will look cool on its own, and combined with the second image will look like a solid picture.

Tattoos in the same style and with similar plots are a great option for people whose tastes converge, but still want their tattoo to be unique. The plot can be any. For example, if you are always drawn to the sea, one person can depict an old-school lighthouse, and the other a ship.

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