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So, you have come a long way. After the first acquaintance with what tattoos are and why this is necessary, you spent some time studying the features of various styles, inventing the plot of the future picture and creating the final sketch. After the idea of ​​a body painting was completely ready for implementation, you found a qualified master who not only understands the idea, but can also perform even the most complex work in a quality manner.

A person who makes his first tattoo inevitably raises a number of important questions:

Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
How harmful is this and what health effects can a tattoo have?
How to care for a tattoo, and is it possible to speed up the healing process?
If you read the previous articles that answer two important questions, it’s time to talk about tattoo care. As you already know from the previous article, in the process of applying a picture with a needle, the skin is subjected to mechanical stress, resulting in a burn. There is no need to harbor illusions about the harmlessness of this process, because the part of the body on which the picture is applied is really damaged. But you also don’t need to be upset about this, because the skin heals quite quickly and there will be no negative health consequences. In this regard, the healing process of tattoos in general is not very different from the treatment of burns.

It’s almost certain that the master who will do the work will take the necessary steps to process the fresh tattoos and give you detailed instructions on what to do in the early days. For those who want to know everything in advance, we made a ready-made checklist of what can be done to quickly heal a fresh tattoo.

Tattoo Care
Almost all modern masters during work are special anesthetics, usually based on lidocaine. In one of the previous articles, we wrote that both soreness and the degree of skin irritation depend on:

individual characteristics of the body;
application zones.
However, the use of an anesthetic moisturizes the skin and reduces the degree of burn directly during operation. In addition, the use of gels and sprays slightly reduces pain.

2. Compressing and wrapping
Immediately after finishing work, the master processes the area with gel, applies a compress and wraps with cling film. This is done primarily to prevent unwanted particles from reaching the skin surface, which can lead to inflammation and infection. In addition, the film protects the tattoo from friction and contact with clothing, which also irritates the skin.

Roma Acorn Tattoo on the fingers
Important! It is recommended not to remove the film within 24 hours after applying the tattoo.

After you remove the film and compress, you can see the paint slightly smeared on the skin. Do not be alarmed, this is normal. The skin must be slowly and gently wiped with a cloth moistened with ointment from burns. The most popular products today that are recommended in tattoo salons: Panthenol and Bepanten +. They can be bought at any pharmacy. This procedure must be repeated on the following days several times a day until complete healing.

Bepanten Panthenol
In the early days of the healing of the tattoos, a crust may appear on the skin, which is nasty itchy and itchy. Despite the great temptation to pick and peel it, doing this is by no means worth it. This entertainment is fraught with scars and scars, so it is better to be patient. Instead, the crust should continue to be wiped with a napkin with ointment, warm water or antibacterial soap.

After the skin has fully recovered and has returned to its normal appearance, without itching or itching, no special care for the tattoo is required. The only recommendation may be to use a more powerful sunblock. Direct sunlight in the best volume can affect the color saturation of the tattoo, as the paint gradually fades. Of course, in this case, a couple of years later, you can just finish the tattoo, refreshing the colors, or you can just use a good ointment on the beach. It is recommended to use products with a UV protection level of 45 units or more.

Do not drink alcohol or drugs before and after going to the tattoo master. And better – never at all.
Avoid physical activity in the first 3-5 days. Try not to sweat and spend this time at home.
After removing the film, wear high-quality cotton clothing. Avoid synthetics, hard tissues, rubbing the skin.
Follow the diet at least the first time after going to the master. Try not to eat too fatty foods. Eat more vegetables in fruits. Vitamins, especially E, help restore the body and heal the skin.
No baths, saunas, tanning salons in the first 10 days after drawing tattoos.

So, you have come a long way. After the first acquaintance with what tattoos are and why this is necessary, you spent some time studying the features of various styles,…


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