Mistakes of youth: How tattoos ruined a girl's personal life
"I hate what I did to myself," the girl says, referring to her tattoo in memory of her beloved pet. Adele got her tattoo when she was 18 years old…

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Wentworth Miller
Who would have thought that the movie series “Prison Break” would win such a huge audience, and the engineer-genius with the fate of a fugitive criminal, Michael Scofield, would become…

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A few decades ago, a person with a tattoo on his head would be considered a dangerous antisocial element, but nowadays, male tattoos on the head are normal practice for…

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Making a tattoo on a scar may be the only way to restore the lost attractiveness of the body after injuries, operations and illnesses. In the article we will tell you how not to harm yourself and not provoke the appearance of tumors and new diseases. An entertaining selection of photos and sketches will help you choose the right picture and see how easy it is to mask any scar.

Scars, scars and stretch marks are primarily psychologically unpleasant and give rise to a number of complexes. Not every defect can be removed with laser therapy or resurfacing, but even a tattoo will not always be the right solution.

Atrophic scars
Scars of a whitish hue (blood vessels can be visible) are below the skin level, and are soft to the touch. Appear after simple operations, burns or deep cuts, as well as after acne. Stretch marks of the skin also belong to this type, which arise after a sharp weight loss, long-term use of hormonal medications, after childbirth.

Overlapping Scars

Atrophic scars can be applied to the body, the main thing is to correctly approach his choice. One of the most popular appendicitis scars is the feather or chili. Their curved shape follows the contour of the scar, and the hollow gives a good volume to the picture. Men prefer to apply images symbolizing courage, physical and spiritual strength. However, it is worth remembering that the contour of the scar is long and slightly curved, so the head of a lion or an eagle may not hide the defect, but highlight it even more. The silhouette of the picture and the color scheme need to be selected more carefully. Shocking personalities are emphasized by an imperceptible picture in the form of a wound sewn up with thick threads, with drops of blood, traces of bullets and other “charms”. A zipper with a slider looks terrible, revealing the circulatory system and tendons.

Girls for a tattoo on a scar from a Caesarean section or appendicitis on the abdomen often choose a composition of large flowers when the scar is in an elongated middle framed by petals. A skin defect can be presented as a shadow that falls from the stem of a creeper, sakura or peacock feather. It is important that the paint can not be injected into the scar.

It will be more difficult to choose a picture for stretch marks, especially when the damage area is large. Because of the many small stripes, it will be hard to choose a simple composition.

It is better to give preference to a more complex and voluminous picture with a small amount of small details, to play with colors, shadows and transitions. The birds on a twig with leaves and flowers look beautiful, a rose with wings, cheetahs, sakura. Japanese-style tattoos on scars on the abdomen will look good, especially for men. Dragons, abstraction, Celtic motifs, portraits are also suitable, you can use numerous shades of black and gray.

Scar Tattoo
However, it must be borne in mind that stretch marks can increase and appear on other parts of the body, therefore, before the procedure, it is better to consult a doctor to find out the cause of the appearance of such a skin defect. It is better to prevent the appearance of new ruptures of elastin fibers, otherwise the tattoo on the scar may be distorted, stretched.

Normotrophic scars
The scars are flat, several tones lighter than the skin, are at its level. They appear subsequently in shallow cuts, minor burns, surgical interventions, when the operation is performed on the epidermis, the cell-free layer (basement membrane) and the deeper layers of the skin are not damaged. Scars are almost inconspicuous, but still affect self-esteem and beauty. It is much simpler to choose a picture, however it is better not to put monophonic pictures: the color may change. Leaves, butterflies, Celtic ornaments, birds – such tattoos on the scars on the girl’s hand will look very attractive. White tattoos look beautiful.

Hypertrophic scars
Dark scars protruding on the surface of the skin. They appear after serious surgical interventions, severe burns, severe injuries. Scars can form due to complications and suppuration of a simple wound, especially in areas of joint bends, as well as a hereditary predisposition.

Tattoos on hypertrophic scars are undesirable, and if there is no other way, then be sure to consult a doctor. Scar cells can absorb enough paint, which is very harmful to the body. To apply the image, you need to enter as much pigment as would be enough for 2-3 pictures! It’s difficult to choose a pattern, because the scar is above the skin level. A tattoo should go beyond its contours, it is best to use several colors with numerous shades: a tree with flowers and a hummingbird, a dragon or an overseas monster. An experienced master can turn a growth into a virtue: the image will turn out to be voluminous and attractive.

Colloid scars
Dense, like cartilage, formations are more like a tumor than a scar. They have a hilly surface of pink, reddish or purple color, which gradually increases.

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