Many chuckle at those lovers who, in a fit of tender feelings, make tattoos with each other's names, jokingly asking what they will do if they suddenly decide to break…

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Making a tattoo on a scar may be the only way to restore the lost attractiveness of the body after injuries, operations and illnesses. In the article we will tell…

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Many chuckle at those lovers who, in a fit of tender feelings, make tattoos with each other's names, jokingly asking what they will do if they suddenly decide to break…

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Getting rid of tattoos

Tattoos are made for various reasons. For some people, the tattoo has some meaning, so they do not seek to get rid of the tattoo, only, from time to time, update it when it loses its brightness. Others, however, make tattoos in their youth to attract attention or because it is so fashionable. Such people in a year or two regret having made tattoos and try to get rid of them. However, a tattoo is not a henna drawing, and not even a permanent make-up, which, with time, disappears. The paint in a regular tattoo affects the deeper layers of the skin and is very difficult to remove. Of course, before you get a tattoo, you need to think carefully. Imagine how appropriate the tattoo will look on your forearm or in visible places after a few years. And then just go to the master who will make you a tattoo. But what to do if you have already made a tattoo, and now regret it deeply, especially if the tattoo has already faded and looks like a “washed-out T-shirt”?

I will say right away that the choice of procedures for removing tattoos is small. Most often, the tattoo is simply “interrupted” – they apply a new one, often a larger one, to the old tattoo, which is not quite suitable for women’s tattoos. If this option does not suit you, go to a medical center or beauty parlor to remove a tattoo.

The procedure for removing a tattoo is quite complicated. If the tattoo is not very deep, it can be removed without a trace. It’s easier for doctors to work with fresh tattoos, while older ones are harder to remove. In addition, if the drawing is made in good faith, then most likely it will not be possible to remove it completely, either a very weak drawing or scars in the place of tattoo removal will remain.

Ways to get rid of tattoos

A liquid nitrogen

This procedure refers to cryosurgery. A piece of material is applied to the place where the tattoo is located, which is pre-impregnated with liquid nitrogen. A burn is formed at the site of the tattoo, which, like all burns, begins to get wet. Then the place swells, and after three or four days a crust forms, which after a while disappears. The place where the crust was, becomes bright pink, and eventually fades.

About the same thing happens with electrocoagulation. The electrodes cauterize the tattoo, then a thick crust forms, which disappears after two weeks. The most effective method for removing tattoos is to process the pattern with a neodymium laser, which destroys the paint in the deeper layers of the skin.

To completely remove the paint, you need at least seven procedures that will need to be done during the year. Many surgeons use other types of laser to remove tattoos, for example, an alexandrite laser, however, it is used only if the tattoo is made rather shallow.

Alexandrite laser can easily cope with dark colors, but will not be able to remove red pigments. The ruby ​​laser copes with shallow tattoos that are made with the help of green, black and blue colors. After laser procedures, the skin is restored quickly enough. The recovery period is about a week. But laser tattoo removal is not cheap.

I would like to say that no matter what method of tattoo removal you choose, there are some contraindications for removal and if the doctor finds any of the following points, tattoo removal will be refused:


mental disorders

acute infectious diseases


cardiovascular diseases

skin diseases

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