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The popularity of small tattoos in women has not fallen since the moment the first tattoos appeared. With the development of painting, the requirements for such images only increase. A miniature is a way of self-expression, it is a pleasant trifle that will adorn any wrist or neck. Miniature tattoos have long been singled out in a separate category.

The complexity of applying such an image is associated with an abundance of the smallest details that can float over time. Masters who deal with small tattoos should be selected carefully. The outline must be carefully drawn. Curved lines are difficult to correct and the overall concept will be hopelessly ruined.

There are several styles for small tattoos:

Ethnic style. It is characterized by simplicity of drawing and symbolism. It can be various ornaments or ancient symbolic signs. Many believe that an incorrectly chosen magic sign can radically change the fate of a person, making his life a complete test. Therefore, such tattoos should be treated with caution.
Old school style. Clear contours and filling the interior with bright colors are characteristic. The marine theme prevails, since such tattoos were invented by sailors. This is a kind of amulets. The distribution was gained by anchors, swallows, inscribed ribbons, skulls and some other figures.
New school style. Clarity of lines and bright colors are preserved, but a variety of cartoon characters, characters of computer games, surrealistic drawings come to replace the marine themes. Halftones are often used in order to more accurately convey the meaning of the picture. Halftone gives a certain volume to the image. Only masters of their craft are able to convey the depth of such a tattoo.
Symbols and inscriptions. Many girls choose Chinese or Japanese characters or plain Arabic inscriptions. Tattoos have a deep symbolism and reflect the life position and values ​​of the girl. Such tattoos attract a lot of attention. In addition to deep content, they differ in aesthetic appearance.
Realism style. It differs in the detail of image elements. Sophisticated enough to perform in miniature sizes. The depth of textures and the severity of the lines is difficult to convey. They are rarely used for miniatures, although much depends on the skill of the professional and on the image itself.
The advantage of a small tattoo on the arm, for example on the wrist, is that it is enough to simply hide it under the clothes. With a tattoo you can hide birthmarks or old scars. A simple drawing to decorate the hand of any girl, add to her femininity and sexuality. A huge number of sketches allows you to choose exactly what will characterize a particular girl, and will not just become a tribute to fashion.

The popularity of small tattoos on the arm is due to the fact that they require minimal care after application. With the help of a tattoo, one can express one’s feelings, one’s attitude towards a person, one’s own life position by them of value. Very often they are not devoid of magical content. This is especially true of hieroglyphs and ancient Celtic runes. Such tattoos will become a charm of a girl. It is believed that a correctly selected tattoo will protect the girl on her life path.

The abundance of photos of small tattoos for girls indicates the presence of a huge number of options for decorating your own body. The choice of a particular picture depends, in general, only on personal preferences. Color performance can be very different – from black and brown colors to saturated and bright. Using halftone allows you to make the picture three-dimensional.

Such jewelry on the skin becomes the highlight of the girl, demonstrate her mystery and difference from the rest.

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The following images are very common:

Anchor – symbolizes reliability, durability. This is a symbol of good luck. Many associate the anchor with the cross, which gives the tattoo a certain religiosity. Often the anchor is “suspended” on a chain.
Birds – symbolize freedom and inspiration. They have positive energy, with the possible exception of the oron. It is best to portray a bird in flight. You can use several in one drawing.
Bow – gives femininity and sophistication, but does not have a special semantic load.
Butterflies – in many nations – a symbol of transformation, rebirth, wealth.
Cat – symbolizes the mind, mystery, speed of reaction. Cats are often associated with mysticism. This is a sign of a free and mysterious nature.
The choice of tattoos is a purely personal matter. Before you pick up a picture, you should decide on your preferences and features of nature.

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