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In Slavic peoples, the animal personified dexterity and reliability, but after the advent of Christianity, the beast became a symbol of cruelty and ruthlessness, aggressiveness and anger. Wolf skull tattoo…

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David Beckham Tattoos
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Some celebrities make tattoos to look more relaxed in the eyes of fans, others follow fashion. But there are also such “stars” for which tattoos are a way of self-expression. The last category includes the famous actress, the mother-heroine, the wife of Brad Peet and the stunningly beautiful woman – Angelina Jolie.

According to Jolie herself, who recently acquired the 18th tattoo in a row, tattoos are for her a real body art, another way for an artist to express herself. She admitted that as an actress who constantly has to “get into the skin” of another person, she simply needs to periodically declare to herself and the whole world about her own bright personality. And she considers tattoos to be the best way to make such a statement.

The appearance of new drawings on the body of Jolie always causes increased interest in the press, because, as a rule, the actress makes “tattoos” at crucial moments in her personal life. And, indeed, it’s quite easy to trace the difficult line of her personal life from the old, new and mixed tattoos of Angelina.

List of all tattoos on the body of Angelina Jolie to date:

Jolie, Angelina – Know Your Rights Tattoo 1. Know Your Rights – Below the Neck

Between the chiseled shoulder blades of the actress, an elegant English inscription “Know Your Rights” (in the lane “Know Your Rights”) flaunts, made in Gothic. This is the name of the song of her favorite band – Clash. According to Jolie, she made this tattoo to always remember who she is and to prevent anyone else from using herself.

2. Jolie, Angelina – Buddhist prayer tattoo. Buddhist prayer – on the left shoulder blade.

A beautiful tattoo in the language of the Buddhist canon – Pali – on the left shoulder blade, where another tattoo used to flaunt (about it a little later). The inscription, which is an ancient prayer, can be translated: “May your enemies fear, may all your riches be with you, and your beauty will be compared to Apsara, may those who surround you protect you wherever you are.” The tattoo was made in honor of the adopted child, Jolie – Maddock, so that he was lucky in life.

This drawing was made by Sompong Kanfai from Pathum Thani Province. The magnificent tattoo artist, who was previously a Buddhist monk, honors a few by making tattoos only to people who truly understand the meaning of Buddha’s great sayings.

Jolie, Angelina – Resolve Tattoo 3. “Resolve” – on the right hand

This tattoo in Arabic transformed Jolie’s old abstract tattoo. Many incorrectly translate this inscription as “Willpower,” but in fact it translates as “Determination.”

4. Jolie, Angelina – Tattoo Figures. Roman Numbers – on the Left Forearm

Initially, only Roman numeral 13 – XIII flaunted at this place, as a symbol of the fact that Jolie does not believe in superstition. Later, new Roman numerals V MCMXL appeared nearby, which together formed the inscription on May 13, 1940. This is the day Winston Churchill delivered his great speech with the words “I have nothing to offer you, except blood and hard work, tears and sweat.”

Jolie, Angelina – tattoo “From a song of Williams” 5. Quote from Tennessee Williams – on the left hand

The quote from the great playwright in English looks like this: “A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages” Translation: “Prayer for wild hearts languishing in confinement.”

Rumor has it that Angelina made this tattoo in the presence of her mother – Marcheline Bertrand.

6. Jolie, Angelina – a tattoo in the form of a cross. A cross and an inscription in Latin – below the waist

A large black cross in the blackwork style, located below the navel of the actress, performs two functions at once – it covers the old dragon tattoo and emphasizes the meaning of the Latin proverb “Quod me nutrit me destruit” located nearby. Translation: “That which gives me strength also destroys me.”

According to Angelina, this tattoo does not mean something gloomy for her, on the contrary, she has fond memories with her, because she did in 1995 the day before her first marriage, with actor Johnny Lee Miller (Jonny Lee Miller).

7. Jolie, Angelina – tattoo in the shape of the letter “h” Letter “h” – on the left wrist

A runic-style small English letter “h” appeared on Jolie’s wrist during her stormy romance with Timothy Hutton, although the actress herself claims to have made it in honor of her brother James Haven.
8. Jolie, Angelina – tattoos in the form of geographical coordinates. Geographic coordinates – on the left shoulder

Where another dragon used to flaunt, a tattoo is now made with the geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the birth of her adoptive and natural children (6 lines), and the 7th line shows the coordinates of the birth of her husband, Brad Pitt.
9. Jolie, Angelina – Tiger Tattoo. Big Tiger – Lower Back

30 centimeters in length and 20 centimeters in width – these are the sizes of a tattoo of a beautiful Bengal tiger on Jolie’s back.

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