Northern Cryptography of Russia's “First Happiness” - Strong Tattoo
The civilization created by the peoples of the West Siberian region of Russia is a special cultural layer, where the harsh climate and extreme living environment determine the practical nature…

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tattoo on the wrist
Designation of tattoos on the wrist The meaning of a wrist tattoo, of course, depends on which sketch you apply. All possible meanings of tattoos are compiled in a dictionary,…

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Neck tattoo
Even in the distant past, body-tattoo designs were in great demand, and to this day this trend has not passed, but is only gaining popularity. A person seeks to emphasize…

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way to restore

Wentworth Miller

Who would have thought that the movie series “Prison Break” would win such a huge audience, and the engineer-genius with the fate of a fugitive criminal, Michael Scofield, would become the idol of millions.
And who is he really – Wentworth Miller, the same adventurous and risky guy, like his character? The actor really does not like to give interviews about his personal life, but still a few facts from his biography have become known.

1. Why is the “third – superfluous”?
The full name of the actor is Wentworth Earl Miller the Third. He was born in England, in the small town of Chipping Norton, although his parents are Americans. The actor’s blood is like an explosive mixture – his mother is white, his father is a mulatto, and French, Syrian, Jamaican, Danish, Libyan and Russian blood also flows in his veins. When creating the captions of the series “Prison Break”, the producers decided that “Earl” and “Third” would be superfluous and too bulky for the not-so-popular actor, and on the set everyone began to call him simply Miller.

2. How did the lawyer get to Hollywood?
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The surgeon girl told what it is like to have colored skin

You won’t surprise anyone with tattoos in the modern world, and even less so in countries that are famous for their tolerant attitude towards everyone who is different from the majority. Nevertheless, according to the girl surgeon from Australia, in fact, everything is somewhat more complicated and not so optimistic.

Sarah Gray is currently an orthopedic surgeon at Adelaide Hospital. She is thirty years old, she is a good specialist, her colleagues consider her a spiritual colleague, she has many friends – in fact, Sarah is an ordinary girl at the beginning of her career. But one fact makes her stand out among the crowd – Sarah is covered with tattoos from head to toe.

“The fact that my skin is colored does not in any way affect my skills and knowledge in the medical field,” says Sarah. “I worked hard to earn a good attitude in a professional environment, and I am sure that my colleagues value me for my professionalism, for my hard work, my desire for improvement and a positive attitude.”

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In Slavic peoples, the animal personified dexterity and reliability, but after the advent of Christianity, the beast became a symbol of cruelty and ruthlessness, aggressiveness and anger. Wolf skull tattoo represents death and destruction, the afterlife. He was called the servant of Satan, although even in ancient times he was considered a guide to the other world, smoothed borders, acted as a defender against evil spirits, therefore, a wolf tattoo with an Indian talisman (dream catcher) is often found. If the animal is shown in flame – the embodiment of dark forces, with red or fiery eyes – witchcraft and the werewolf sign, a symbol of the transformation of the physical body into an astral double.

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Many chuckle at those lovers who, in a fit of tender feelings, make tattoos with each other's names, jokingly asking what they will do if they suddenly decide to break…


Origin of a tattoo, Japan as the center of the tattoo world. A person was probably engaged in decorating, body design from the moment when the last coat fell off…


David Beckham Tattoos
Fans of world football do not need to explain who David Beckham is, as well as readers of the secular chronicle. The famous titled footballer, model, husband of ex-peppercorn Victoria…


Criminal tattoos and tattoos
It should be remembered that each pectoral drawing has its own meaning, and before deciding to apply this or that image to the chest, back, shoulder or other part of…